Getting Started

Supported Scala versions are 2.11.x, 2.10.x, 2.9.3, 2.9.2, 2.9.1, 2.9.0


After having setup your project to use SBT (see how to setup SBT)
Declare the Squeryl dependency in the SBT project definiition

Note : The Oracle driver is not available via SBT/Maven, you will have to downloaded manually.

The remaining steps are :

  1. Bootstrap the session factory
  2. Define, and initialise a schema

You should now be ready to insert, update, delete data, and of course run queries.

Manual dependency management

If you want to manage your dependencies without SBT or Maven, you will need the following jars :

  • The Scala runtime jar, version 2.11.x, 2.10.x, 2.9.3, 2.9.2, 2.9.1, 2.9.0
  • The Squeryl jar found here
  • The CGLIB cglib-nodep-2.2.jar, found here
  • A JDBC driver for your database, see supported databases